10th Grade Beach Outing YeongJeongDo Beach

InCheon 인쳔 仁川 has many islands, including YeongJeong Island that hosts the International Airport [ICN].  YeongJeongDo also has some popular tourist facilities and beaches.  Some of the fervor to upgrade the real English communication skills of young Koreans stems from the ambitious plans to develop Free Economic Zones in and around InCheon and its airport. 

We held an outing at the EulWang Beach 울왕 for the 10th grade. 

It was, in part, to celebrate the end of mid-term week.  Exams are prepared, edited, uploaded to a printer’s shop, printed, safeguarded, and finally distributed, proctored and collected on each morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon Monday through Thursday of exam week; stressful for teachers and students.

The first hour of Outing Day rained fitfully, threatening to ruin the day, but the weather abated and cleared off to a partly sunny, and windy day.  I caught some of the first couple of hours before running out of memory card space and battery power.  You can see students arriving and huddling, then girls playing Team Dodge Ball, here in my Picasa space.

Besides running short of power and space, I’d have anyway had a tough time snapping pictures of lunch time because I was so busy tasting and approving every group’s lunch:  several variations of bibimbap (비빔밥 rice mixed with hot pepper paste and things like slivered veggies, sprouts, tuna and so forth), and kimbap (김밥 the real California roll), and samkyeopsal (three-layer-flesh—the uncured bacon barbecued on a butane burner with samjang (삼장 a 3-paste of hot red pepper paste, finely chopped garlic, and cured soybean paste, yum yum) wrapped in lettuce and popped in the mouth, and potato salad with ham and lettuce sandwiches.

The technique that I admired the most was a most economical way to bibim the rice with kochujang (고추장 red pepper paste) and other ingredients in a large stainless steel bowl then form fist-sized balls and pop them into small paper cups like ice cream cones for serving.  The technique uses one hand in a cheap vinyl serving glove to mix it up and then grabbing a large lump form it into a ball by repeatedly popping the lump into the air and catching it until round as a ball, like one-handed juggling.  Aside from the steel bowl, the single glove and small paper cups are all easily disposed of.

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