Live Writer does not save your [um] stuff for you

MS Word has done such a fine job of saving my rear end when I’ve left a few essays open, installed software or what not and rebooted, or just when works are in progress and the system bonks.


So I have slowly been losing my habit of saving files every 15 minutes or whenever my imagination stales or my brain twitches.


So I had a couple of great blogs half finished a week ago and when I came back from a walk to the store, I found a blue screen, probably overheated laptop, and discovered on reboot that Live Writer doesn’t keep saving my stuff for me.


My bad, according to hard-won old fashioned ideas about good computer practices, but it soured my happy-go-lucky approach to blogging, which I am trying right now to regain by blasting this in and publishing.  Fifteen minutes, from start to publish.

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