Jing for quick How To’s

I had a bit of trouble getting my Jing to include my voice from my mike.  The microphone checked out in every little window that I could open but it didn’t get into the video.  Now, don;t worry;  you probably won’t have a problem like this because you’ve probably got a regular set up that you’ve never thought about.   This particular machine has Windows XP with something in the drivers crippled so that the onboard sound chip was not recognized and so an additional sound card, a very old one laying around the dusty bins of the PC shop, was installed so that it would supply its dusty old drivers.  More, I plugged in a cheap but very effective mike-n-phones usb headset, and it was this headset that couldn’t be found by Jing.  Once I had removed the USB headset, Jing found the sound card enabled headset plugged into the very normal audio jacks.

Well, that’s too much info.  Maybe I jammed it into this space as a way to say, other than this one glitch of my own making, Jing is as simple and trouble-free as software can get.

If you want to capture some screen action along with your voice, you can’t go wrong with this totally free helper.  It displays a little golden sun in the middle of the top edge of your screen.   Click and select record and then set a box to capture, and you are producing a cool demo that will be published into SWF (Something W Flash or whatever).  Plunk a copy of this SWF onto a web page somewhere, and you are cool, very cool.

I’ll give the details about installing Jing and using Jing and publishing your Jing-produced SWF a bit later.

And I’ll give you some pointers to an OSS bigger cousin that does even more.  It’s called CamStudio.  Later.

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