This is Live Writer

One of the tools I want to use more is Live Writer.  It is one of the few things that Microsoft has brought out into this new Web 2.0, In-the-cloud welter of tools that has the convenience factor that I’ve been looking for.  Live Spaces, the place where Live Writer is going to publish this blog piece, and Office Live, particularly Office Live, often offer too much possibility and mental clutter.  Live Writer is slickly simple:  start it, register a space, click, write, click, write, and click on publish.  Done.

Great way to capture some thoughts before they slip away, only to resurface and nag at you later.

Other  tools nagging at me for attention and publishing:

  • Launchy
  • WinDirStat
  • CamStudio
  • VUE
  • SmartIDEA
  • Powerpoint ADD-Ins
  • SWF player

Oh, dammit, now they’ve gone and slipped away again.  I’ll be adding more later.  I have been stuffing them into VUE.  So you needn’t worry that I’m going to forget and neglect the one that could change your life for the better.

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