Talking Time at District Office

Yesterday we enjoyed ourselves at the Yeon Su District Office.  Nine women came to exercise their English ears and tongues.  Two of the women were newcomers invited by the regulars.  The regulars may have regretted their invitations because the two new women were, in instructor talk, highly productive.

Both were entertaining.  One had stories about friends who are extremely successful in science, here in Korea or over in America, and a talent for forging a link from any subject to the success of her friends.  The way she used that talent was more entertaining than the stories themselves, which tended to rapidly leave the launching point and expand into their own glory.  The audience soon began to let out small facial twitches and eye jiggles when her current story reached "I have a friend who …".

The other woman was more purely entertaining because she was sharing her year and a half of experiences living in East Lansing, Michigan.  All with scant reference to amazing people be they family or friend.

Remembering the evening, I am reminded to bring my materials on Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences.  We all share one concern for the education system and the ways it neglects the many young people who aren’t blessed with academic skills and ambition.  Also the way the system can’t seem to arouse and nurture creativity. 

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