Squeezing the epiktools video for rubajan

Rubajan asked for a youtube of the patchwork video I shared at JeonJu University.  Easy, just convert the wmv file to a swf or flv file. 

This little task hasn’t been going too well.  I’ve tried a few tools, and they don’t like the wmv file (they choke on it) or they start building a monstrously humongous file.  I can guess as to why, but don’t know enough about the inner workings of these tools to make an educated guess.  Could be any of several hundreds of reasons, considering all the tools I used to make the wmv, and figuring that some combination of two or three tools or steps might have introduced one or more glitches.

Luckily, a recent experimental build of Handbrake seems to be handling it.  While it works, I thought I’d play with Live Writer to make this blog entry.

Live Writer feels faster and smoother than my last visit with it, some months ago.  That’s nice, but it was already snappy enough for me to like it then.  The reason I stopped using it was that it lost some of my work when Vista coughed.  There was no way to save drafts.  Now I see that it does save drafts.  One click does it.  That removes the deal breaker for me.

Okay.  Handbrake says encoding is finished.  Alas, the file is larger than the original.  I was hoping for some compression.  I’ll try again asking for Web Optimization.  No, that didn’t change a thing.  Time to give Super a try.  Super may have some special tricks up its sleeves.

The problem is that the original file was 110MB, and SkyDrive limits uploads to 50MB.  It looks like I may need to cut it into pieces with Movie Maker (and leave it to the consumer to do some assembly before use).

Will let you know.

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