squeezing videos part 2

I thought I was making progress toward my goal of squeezing my 12 minute video from 111MB to something below 50MB when I started using Super.  The first trial worked well to make an FLV (Flash Video) which was only 35MB.  The quality was so-so.  Pushing for more quality in another 15MB, I started cooking SWF files with Super with increasingly higher rates.  At 48MB I was ready to wrap it up and upload it, but started to watch the whole thing and was startled when the video froze around minute 11. 

The SWF’s from Super all froze at one place or another depending on options.  After playing every setting that might have an affect, and still seeing a video freeze and also start-pause disabled, I almost gave up, but tried the FLV file one more time. 

The FLV from Super, despite its lackluster video clarity, had stronger sound, quicker response to pause-start, and not one problem all the way to the very end.  One more round and Super delivered a good balance of video quality and file size at 46MB.

Conclusion:  Super does well with FLV, but does not deliver with SWF.  So, FLV is what I will post. 

The FLV file plays well in KMPlayer and Windows Media Player.  If anyone has a problem playing it, the media player is probably outdated or using outdated codecs.  The easiest solution would be to download and install KMPlayer (as recommended on epiktools).

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