Soft tires

Losing a tire at high speed is a frightening thing at best.  With luck and skill, your reaction will keep the vehicle under control.  If the roadway is slick or curved or you are maneuvering or day dreaming, your first fright may signal the start of a worse outcome.  If you don’t mistake the blowout as just another bump in the road, you may start reacting soon enough to avoid collision or crash.

A tire that’s getting softer won’t send the same signal that a blowout will.  When you enter a tight curve or start a shift in lanes or whip into the exit lane, it will suddenly lose its grip as though it’s hit a patch of ice.  With luck and skill and your best reaction, the best outcome, as with a blowout, will be a safe recovery.

Safety Caps can’t prevent a puncture or rupture, but they will detect pressure changes and alert you to the danger long before you lose the tire or lose control.

Warning you of low tire pressure, or over inflation, immediately, they’ll save tires from weakening and blowout.

Safety Caps are light enough that they don’t need rebalancing of the wheel and tire, but still carry enough power to monitor the tire for months before you’ll get notification to renew the batteries. 

They’re easy to install.  Just remove the plastic dust cap that’s on the nozzle and screw on the Safety Cap.

Truckers will appreciate the ability to quickly transfer the caps from one trailer to another.  Don’t worry about forgetting and leaving them on the trailer you’re dropping, or leaving one on the ground when you add air at the filling station:  the Safety Cap console will detect the missing Cap when you are more than 50 yards away, and give you a shout.

Safety caps just spin on the nozzle until you click the console to engage the threads and allow removal from the nozzle.  Only the owner with the matching console can remove them and put them back on.

Once installed you can adjust the low and high pressure warning limits on the console and then rest assured that each tire is, excuse me for being childish, tirelessly monitoring the pressure and communicating with the  console 24/7.

Having installed a Safety Cap on each wheel, the console will show the pressure of each tire continually without consuming much power at all.  The console battery is continuously recharging when plugged into a 12 volt power source, and despite the small size of the console, it’s strong enough to monitor and report conditions for up to 3 weeks when not connected to power. 

Don’t forget to enter your phone number on the console.  If it detects removal of a Safety Cap from the wheel, or the removal of the wheel from the vehicle, it will call you up and leave a text message.

The Safety Cap console uses a battery conserving Digital Ink display.  It looks like black ink on white paper, not only conserving power, but making it easy to read in full sunlight.

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