Can’t stop laughing – Time Most Influential

Take a look at this.  It’s the Time 2011 Most Influential Person Poll on April 9.


With 224,675 people boosting Rain, and only 20.953 attempting to offset, Rain is the indisputable leading candidate.  I’m laughing because I’d bet that most people have no idea who he is, unless you are Korean.  I remember Susan Boyle.  Having lived in Korea with 700 high schoolers the past couple of years, I’ve heard Beyonce beyond my ability to tolerate, and have heard of Lady Gaga.  At 13, I recall that Rihanna was very popular with my high schoolers about 18 months ago.  At number 10, Ron Paul, with a rank about 9% of Rain’s, is the first credible, to me, entry.

The teenagers of Korea seem to have coopted the Time Poll.  It seems to be a testament to the universal connectedness of Korean kids.  What a hoot.

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One comment on “Can’t stop laughing – Time Most Influential
  1. lpartanhbc says:

    Oh. Right. I went to boost Ray Kurzweil.

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