Hey, Kids (gyeongju university students)

AeDeulRa! 애들아! Hey, Kids, I’ve enjoyed the week with you more than you can know.  It has been a wonderful week spending time with Korea’s youngsters.  You are the next rulers of the world.  Getting to know you has been fun.

But it has also been a bit frustrating for me.  Maybe it has been a bit frustrating for you too.

My frustration arises because [I am frustrated because] our conversation is a little bit slow.

We are talking with each other slowly [talking together slowly] for a couple of reasons [because of two reasons/ two causes].  First, your English is not strong and you are still learning how to hear me.  That’s because I am a new voice for your ears.  Until you have become used to many English speakers, your ears will need some time to become accustomed to each new speaker [used to each new speaker].

Second, our conversation has been slow because I am learning how to hear you because you are a new generation and you are different from me.  You use technically advanced tools as naturally as I breathe.

I am an old guy, an old dog, a member of a different generation.  Because I have always been a technology expert, I know “all about” technology.  That’s my job.  I know how to make technology work. 

But you don’t know “about” technology;  no, you know technology itself and you know it naturally.  You simply, and without thinking, know technology and understand it and do it.  And you do it without thinking.

That is very interesting to me.  I want to talk about it, your curious adoption of technology.  I want to talk about this amazing situation.   But you are wondering why this old guy is asking all these questions about “what we do all day long”. 

To me [to my eyes], technology is a thing to be watched and studied and used.  I know how to make technology do special things for me.  I am an expert at doing this; it’s my job.  I use technology well because I watch it intently, and study it seriously, and apply my understanding to use it, to make it do things for me.

But not you.  You have no “intensity”; you do not watch it intently; you don’t study it seriously.  No, not at all, and I am jealous (yes, and a bit irritated:  why aren’t you taking this seriously?)

You youngsters, in contrast to me, simply use it.  It’s a reflex.  You install kakao [or some other kind of texting app] and text your friends all day long as naturally as I use my tongue.

Talking with you this week has been wonderful and also difficult.  I marvel at the Korea that you live in and marvel at the technology that you use.  But you are not amazed.  How different! 

My eyes and your eyes look at the same world from very different places.  I hope that you will take as much delight from that as I do [I hope that you too will be delighted by sharing the views from my viewpoint and from your viewpoint].

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