My Mom loved a few of my early pieces enough to save them for me, yellowed papers with thick blue lines to help control the height of awkward, blunt graphite strokes that served to highlight the brilliance of her young observer’s insights.

Since then I’ve been sharpening my skills writing weather forecasts and advisories, software project plans and status reports, user stories, business plans and prospectuses, software operation manuals and help files, database how-to’s and lessons for programmers, product whitepapers, a short play in English and Korean, speeches, short stories for ESL readers, web pages for teachers, graduate essays and papers, and presentations galore (like ’em or not, standard fare throughout business, education and government).

I’ve tutored and taught, for a couple of years, undergrads and grads in composition, grammar, and linguistics, and have taught English in a Korean High School for two years.

Besides English, I am fluent in Korean, C#, HTML, SQL, Java Script, conversant in BASIC, REXX, and so on, and once laid claim to abilities in German, and in some dead or dying languages like Latin, Ancient Greek, SGML, COBOL, JCL, and twenty or thirty more.

I enjoy writing and editing English with the same precision demanded by software code, ever mindful that computers take action as directed, exactly, but people read their own meanings and then take action as they feel.


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